A good engineer not only gets "amazing sounds", but also removes the obstructions often created by the same gear that gets those incredible sounds. To be an engineer is to be the person responsible for all things technical - the wires, mics, console, preamps, levels, computers, backups, documentation, archiving, and anything else gear. Even though I am an engineer, when I play music I prefer not to record myself - too many things to worry about as a performer alone! This is my studio, and I won't allow anyone to be here without an engineer from the studio. I will serve as the assistant engineer to anyone worth his/her salt, but I simply don't book the rooms without staff.

James Boblak

I spent three years in Los Angles working my way up from intern, to runner, to assistant engineer. Then I worked as an engineer and producer in countless studios with many famous people and all sorts of fancy gear - both analog and digital. I love gear - I even have a shirt I made that says so!  I have fused an excellent collection of gear that allows me freedom to quickly and easily conquer nearly any audio-related challenge - I look forward to yours!


In addition to studio time, which runs $25 per hour, the engineer has to be paid. Let me assure you that you won't find rates as low as these in many other professional studios. I love to provide nothing short of superb engineering, and enjoy the opportunity to do the job right on a limited budget. By keeping my rates low, I can spend the time needed to get the engineering done right. When no one but the engineer is present for a session (typically editing), there is no charge for studio time! This work can be done on the engineers schedule, which can be worked around the studio's schedule. This also helps keep the engineering team busy between booked time, keeping the project rolling when you're not available. For this homework, it's the engineer's wage only, and the studio time is free, and first come first serve. Tips are accepted!

Engineer: $35/Hour Room: $25/Hour