Welcome to Skeptical Records and Artspoke Recording Studios

I am James Boblak, owner and producer of Skeptical Records, and owner and engineer of Artspoke Recording Studios. The studio has been under my control for the past five years in its current location, and seven years before that in Albany. It features everything you'd expect from a full-service indie studio, plus a little more - me! I seek to extend my experience and facility to other hungry, dedicated artists out there. Come see what we do together...

...and don't be afraid to ask questions! I am here to help - it's what I do!

This beautiful website is also functional. There is a direct Contact Us form, and a growing explanation of the gentle art of recording audio for musical use, all of it right here, at skepticalrecords.com. Special Thanks to Vince and Teresa (check this out) for this excellent site and photograpghy, and thanks to you for dropping by!